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Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War

Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War
Took this pic last night (8/2/10) while watching tv. Mine means "LOVE" in Tibetan and his is a black ink tribute to his tour in Iraq in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Love & WAR

Friday, August 6, 2010

13,595 "LOVE MILES"!!

So my Baby and I are getting NEW tattoos TOGETHER!! The new ink will be a compilation of the LOVE MILES that it took for us to finally be together in the same place!! Whoohoo! My miles were 13,595 that I traveled to be with my baby (Portland, OR to Austin TX three separate times, Austin to Chicago, IL driving with my Baby for his 2 weeks of leave when he PCS'd to Fort Lewis from Fort Hood, my flight from Chicago back home to Portland, OR in June *he went fishing for 2 weeks in Wisconsin with is dad*, and my final journey from Portland, Oregon to Tacoma, Washington)! That was alot of miles and time in airports (gotta LOVE O'Hare security! - ummm NOT)!

The funny thing? My baby had a trailer (that we both packed up of his stuff he had to transport to Chicago) that he pulled with his truck to Chicago on that LONG drive (we made it in 18 hours - only stopped for a 1.5 hour NAP - he drove the entire trip! He was a trooper for sure)...he was taking me to the airport the next day for my early 7 a.m. flight out of O'Hare and he stopped suddenly for a red light and his brake line BROKE / blew out! OMG! We had to pull over, he had to call a cab and couldn't do anything but just drive the truck back to his father's house to work ALL day (after driving all day/night to Chicago) to fix it...I got in a cab (with a rushed hug and kiss from him stressed out) and rushed in morning Chicago traffic to the airport hoping I would make my flight through O'Hare security. I MADE it barely! I text him a pic of me as soon as I made it through security and he text me back that he made it home to his father's home without rear-ending anyone and was smiling! Whew! What a trip that one was...but I had the most amazing time and saying "goodbye" to Texas and our friends there was worth the 2 weeks I spent with my baby in Texas! Loved it..

So today when he gets home he gets to figure out what his mileage number is (keep in mind it is all of the miles it took him to finally get to ME)! This includes his trips from Fort Hood to Iraq (including all the stops inbetween like Ireland and Kuwait) and then his R&R to Chicago (again Iraq --> Kuwait etc and then back) and then HOME and then Block Leave and so forth...should be CRAZY miles. I am incorporating our "Love Miles" into my "LOVE" tattoo on my left arm (in our Bulletproof Love pic above) and he is actually getting a large side piece (he doesnt have any back space or arm space for more ink lol) that is going to be a vintage car dashboard and the "odometer" is gonna be our "Love Miles" +1 for all the miles we will add after those miles....I can't wait to find out what our final "Love Miles" number is later today or this weekend....it's gonna be a crazy amount of miles we traveled for LOVE!

I LOVE you Baby!!

A last minute "pep" talk to his soldiers @ his "going away" luncheon that his old unit had for him @ Fort Hood..I went and took pics...

Saying goodbye is HARD!

We "signed" the ceiling @ Bob's Bar in Liberty Hill, Texas 2gether!!

GREAT Friends!

Somewhere in Wisconsin on our way to Chicago!

Fort Leonard Wood!

Almost there! But this traffic!

Crossing the Mississippi River...

Finally in Illinois!!

Sunset in Illinois - 153 miles from Chicago!

My BABY is finally HOME - Chicago! Chi Town!

He amazes me!!

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  1. I hear ya! At first Spike and I "only" had to drive the length of North Carolina to see each other on the weekends--now I fly to Oklahoma for half of each month. Once we get married it's going to feel weird to stay in one place for more than a month at a time. (Not to mention being really nice for our bank accounts!)