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Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War

Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War
Took this pic last night (8/2/10) while watching tv. Mine means "LOVE" in Tibetan and his is a black ink tribute to his tour in Iraq in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Love & WAR

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proof that today was a GOOD day...

Ok so today was fabulous! My baby worked on Abby (his '68 Buick Skylark) and got the alternator replaced and it works! The battery is charging the way it is supposed to...whooohooo! LOVE my mechanics!!

Do you see the bright shiny silver part? Ya! That is the NEW alternator on a '68 Buick! LOL

BUT....it works!! Abby is BACK 2 LIFE!! Whoohoo!!

We DRANK beer, they worked on cars, they conquered the world in XBox360 and I talked to all my girls on FaceBook...can it really get any better?? :) I am grateful for 1. My life 2. Intelligent men who LOVE to work on cars and know what the HELL they are doing! 3. BEER (to help them focus on working on cars) 4. My girls to keep me occupied while they drink beer and work on cars 5. XBox360 to reward them at the end of the day so they can kill, blow up shit and win (at the loudest VOLUME available on our stereo, which is hooked up to the LCD tv)!! Love it!
{{Hugs}} Kimber

My girl Mandi had a GREAT chuckle on this pic when I posted it up on FaceBook 'cuz of the GREEN socks that my boys are both sportin...gotta LOVE those ARMY boys!! :) ha ha ha

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