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Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War

Our Love is BULLETPROOF!! Love & War
Took this pic last night (8/2/10) while watching tv. Mine means "LOVE" in Tibetan and his is a black ink tribute to his tour in Iraq in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Love & WAR

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Baby (video)

I made this video to celebrate OUR 1 year ANNIVERSARY of when we "met".  We met online through a game called "Hotties For Sale" on MySpace (yeah yeah I know corny huh? LOL) but it turned into the "real deal" in a matter of months.  We talked each and everyday and now we "Live in Sin" together in a house that is full of love everyday.  For now I get to go to bed with my Baby each night and wake up to him each morning (@ 4:45 a.m. I might add for him to prepare for PT)...but he is ALL MINE now! I love you baby!!

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